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Det frie makeds daglige mirakler

Jeffrey Tucker besøger en fin restaurant og bruger den til at beskrive kapitalismens utrolige evne til at koordinere landmænd, fiskere, transportarbejdere, kokke og tjenere så du kan få et måltid mad.

"Who is holding a gun to people’s heads to make all this happen? The answer is no one. Kings of old would display their wealth through their dining habits and make ostentatious display of the number of people who served them. Today, we are all kings. But we are even better off, with more selection between dishes and the number of places we can eat. We coerce no one. Our servants beg for the chance to wait on us and work themselves to the point of total exhaustion."

"We are the most served people in the history of humanity. The market has made it so. We repay this system by teaching our students that capitalism is evil, by protesting the market in mass demonstrations, by taxing the entrepreneurs, by spitting on the accumulators of capital who fund the system and take the risk."

"Then we elect politicians, even presidents, who are sworn enemies of our great benefactor, the free market, which we — through crazy logic and deep historical ignorance — blame for all our troubles. Then, these same people praise government as the source of all good things."

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