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Sexisme og sexarbejde

Female sexuality is something that left wingers tend to approach from one angle: exploitation. That is, female bodies being exploited for the enjoyment of men. This viewpoint carries much weight, but there is another angle which has not been looked at. Have you noticed there is one thing that misogynists and hard-line feminists agree on? Whether it is a female liberationist or a conservative man of family values, whether it is a man who stands at the bar shouting “slag” or a woman who stays at home and supports a family, they all start from the same place: they believe that women should not enjoy sex as voraciously as men do.

Most people who are vigorously against pornography and prostitution are actually acting like the sexists they so resent: denying women control of their own bodies and seeing girls who use their sexuality for money as either “fallen” or betrayers of the cause of female kind.

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