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Tidligere Sovjet-sergent advarer mod Islam

En tidligere sergent i den røde hær advarer mod Islam på Reddit.

My opinions on Islam come from first hand experience. I've witnessed pregnant women stabbed and stoned to death due to a distorted understanding of "honor" and "respect". I feel that any religion that can push a husband or a son to turn on his wife, mother, or daughter in that way, can only be bad for humanity.

Be careful of the influx of Islamic radicals infiltrating your societies. The current "politically correct" people will drown me for this, but there is no sense in applying the rules of civil society to those who wish to burn your society to the ground.

I've seen the protests in London, Berlin, Amsterdam. The ideas they hold are dangerous.

Islam will never allow that country to be free (om Afghanistan, red.). Their version of Islam at least. They're a country of illiterate nomads herders and farmers, living in a human condition that is centuries old. What makes the US think that they even WANT schools and a democracy and modern society? Heck, just like Iran, they had one, and were on their way. What made it all stop? Islam. Backwards, wife killing, child raping, throwing money into a well Islam.

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