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John McCain: Vi har ingen strategi i Afghanistan

Søren Espersen mener at krigen i Afghanistan er tabt. Og på den anden side af Atlanterhavet lyder også kritiske toner mod den amerikanske indsats. Senator John McCain skriver på sin Facebook side at:

After nearly 16 years of war, we are at a stalemate in Afghanistan. Worse, we have no strategy to end that stalemate and achieve victory. The recent deaths of three brave American soldiers underscore the urgency for a new strategy to turn the situation around in Afghanistan.

Defense Secretary Mattis testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee last week that we are not winning in Afghanistan. And yet, six months into the new administration, it still has not delivered a strategy. We cannot keep going like this. If the administration fails to develop a strategy for success, Congress will need to play a greater role. We owe it to our brave men and women serving in Afghanistan, their families here at home, and all of the American people.

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