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Hvorfor statsobligationer snart bliver værdiløse - interessante videoer fra BullionVault

Disse videoer (se nedenfor) er ret svære at finde, men de er gode (ja, manden prøver at sælge sin virksomhed, men derfor kan han jo godt have ret). Især "train wreck"-forklaringen på statsobligationer er slående.


GOLD REMAINS materially under-valued, says BullionVault founder and CEO Paul Tustain – even now, after 6 years of almost continuous price rises.

Based on historical data, in fact – plus his expectations of future inflation – Paul Tustain believes the true value of gold is nearer $3,844 per ounce today.

Leading finance columnists have already called his gold value analysis "a bold view...giving more reasons to buy gold." Paul's new 5-part presentation shows why. You can download this video here, for free.

Part 1 - Gold fundamentals (17 mins)

Part 2 - Debt and Keynes (17 mins)

Part 3 - Commodities & our standard of living (10 mins)

Part 4 - Western currency devaluation (24 mins)

Part 5 - Valuing gold (23 mins)

Gold, says Paul Tustain, can "rescue your finances when things go badly wrong." Its value today comes because "our governments have behaved very irresponsibly," he believes, "and we're now not so different from the 'banana republics' which have lurched from crisis to crisis over the last 100 years.

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