Ben & Jerry's icecream i anti-israelsk alliance

Ben & Jerry's is har givet et større økonomisk tilskud til "2017 Womens March", som i USA ledel af Linda Sarsour. Om Linda Sarsour skriver The Algemeiner:

Sarsour presents herself as a “proud anti-Israel activist,” and promotes and champions a boycott of Israel. At the Islamic Society of North America convention this past September, Sarsour also called for people to stop humanizing Israelis. Sarsour’s co-chair, Mallory, is also an antisemite, and a vocal supporter of Louis Farrakhan, the virulently antisemitic Nation of Islam leader. On Instagram, Mallory posed alongside Farrakhan, calling him the “GOAT,” which means “Greatest of All Time.”

In the wake of the largest antisemitic attack in the history of our country in Pittsburgh, I was shocked that Ben & Jerry’s — founded by two individuals who identify as Jewish — would make a grant to people like Sarsour and Mallory.

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