Brexit: Majority of Britons Want to Stay in European Union, New Poll Says

"A new poll suggests that the majority of Britons would vote to cancel Brexit if offered their say in a second referendum.

Excluding those who were unsure, 53 percent of voters surveyed say they would now vote to remain in the European Union, compared with 47 percent who wish to leave, The Evening Standard newspaper reported. When the referendum was held in 2016, the leave side won with 52 percent of the vote.

The YouGov study of 10,000 British adults suggests the public’s opinion on  Brexit is shifting. With 231 days left until the U.K. is supposed to  leave the EU, there is still no agreed-upon plan in place to smooth the  country’s move out of the bloc. Ministers have been preoccupied with  elections and infighting, prompting fears of a “hard Brexit” that could cause travel chaos, economic isolation and currency collapse.


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