NWO - The plan for the rest of the world

The roots of the paradigm.

This plan is called the New World Order. A plan to create a mass of slaves without identity and borders, only good to be exploited. For Europe, Headquarters of this NWO mafia is in Brussels. They actively work, days after days, and months after months, for the destruction of our old Europe.

Europe needs to get rid of the leftists before they get rid of EUROPEANS!!

And do you know that the muslims are in allegiance with these Talmudic Kabbalist Jews?

This is true. Anyone who reads about the war between the muslims and the people of Spain will see as much. Also very much evident if you read about the Spainish Inquisition."

However, the numbers of muslims grew while the number of christians diminish in these islamic areas of palestine.  Because muslims commit a slow genocide of non muslims within their boundaries, and further afield, through committing crimes (jihad) against them.

Palestine no longer exists because Israel now exists.  Palestine is a region, and never was a country.  It was a region of the muslims whom took it by force from the Christians and the Jews in the most savage of ways.

This only means that the muslims are in illegal occupation and are colonialists of a number of lands.  Not all jews are evil, only some, and they are the ones that collaborate with muslims against christian/western lands, and against Israel itself.

Accusing Israel of genocide is ludicrous, but of course, simpletons like you, who cannot use their own critical thinking processes, will ignore the gross scale of savage atrocities committed by muslims waging their crimes (jihad) upon Jews and Christians and all non muslims, including muslims they don't consider muslim enough, worldwide, every day.

As for apartheid, you could do some research on what exactly apartheid was all about in South Africa, since the muslims have co-opted the word and distorted it too, like islam does with everything else.

You would realise that islam itself is apartheid, a insane form of segregation between muslims and non muslims (kaffirs), between genders too.  Mecca is the most racist place on earth and the muslims are doing all they can to display their racist discrimination, for the whole world to see, against the rest of the world on the Temple Mount, but people like you, are blind to the truth.

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