UK: Far til ISIS-brud siger undskyld

BBC beskriver hvorledes faderen til Shamima Begum nu siger undskyld til Storbrittannien for hans datters gerninger. Angiveligt beder faderen om at datteren kan komme hjem til UK "til retsforfølgelse":

Referring to Ms Begum, Mr Ali told the BBC: "She has done wrong, I apologise to everyone as her father, to the British people.

"I am sorry for Shamima's doing. I request to the British people, please forgive her."

Mr Ali, 60, pointed out his daughter was a child when she travelled to Syria.

"She was under age at that time, she couldn't understand that much. I suppose someone influenced her to do that," he said.

"I admit that she has done wrong, whether or not she realised it."


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