Russiske virksomheder har tabt milliarder på at hjælpe Venezuela

Olien bliver i jorden - sammen med milliarder af  russiske rubler.

Hvis du er sur på både Maduro og Vladimir Putin, så er der gode nyheder her: Det russiske forsøg på at støtte deres venezuelanske allierede har kostet russiske olieselskaber både enorme økonomiske udgifter og og politiske nederlag. Reuters skriver bl.a.:

At the end of 2015, managers at Rosneft, the Russian state-controlled oil firm, sounded the alarm to their bosses about the company’s investments in Venezuela. Rosneft’s local partner, Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA, owed it hundreds of millions of dollars, according to internal documents, and there seemed no prospect things would get better.

“It will be like this for eternity,” a Rosneft internal auditor wrote in an email to a colleague in November 2015, complaining there was no progress in getting PDVSA to explain a $700 million hole in the balance sheet of a joint venture.

For en russer er det heller ikke helt sjovt at arbejde i olieindustrien i Venezuela:

Nor is life in Venezuela easy for Rosneft staff. There is often no mains water in the high-end Caracas district where they live, said a Russian who knows families there. A couple of times a week, a water tanker arrives and fills up containers in each apartment.

Two of Rosneft's Russian partners in Junin-6 dropped out. The smaller Surgutneftegaz decided to quit the project in November 2012. In December 2014, Russia’s second biggest oil firm, Lukoil, announced it too was dropping out. “Looking back, a lot of people at Lukoil breathed a sigh of relief that they didn't have to pile billions into Venezuela,” said an executive in the Junin-6 consortium.  

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