CCGS Amundsen re-routed to Hudson Bay to help with heavy ice

Irriterende for klimaforskerne når is i Arktis forhindrer videnskabelige ekspeditioner, der skal vise at isen forsvinder i Arktis.

A carefully planned, 115-day scientific expedition on board the floating research vessel, the CCGS Amundsen, has been derailed as the icebreaker was called to help resupply ships navigate heavy ice in Hudson Bay.

 "Obviously it has a large impact on us," says Martin Fortier, executive director of ArcticNet*, which coordinates research on the vessel. "It's a frustrating situation."


Johnny Leclair, assistant commissioner for the Coast Guard, said Tuesday conditions in the area are the worst he's seen in 20 years.

The objective of ArcticNet is to study the impacts of climate change and modernization in the coastal Canadian Arctic.

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