Nyvalgt socialistisk præsident i Ecuador lover "gratis" boliger og at booste velfærden med 200%

Selvom Ecuador ligger relativt tæt på Venezuela, så er der blevet stemt socialistisk ved det netop overståede valg efter beskyldninger om valgsvindel.

Correa, who has led the country of 16 million since 2007, has said its financial worries are in the past. On Sunday, as he voted, he said he was “leaving the table set” for whomever took power.

But analysts say Moreno will be in for a painful few years as falling oil revenue and deep debt will turn his campaign promises — including free houses and boosting welfare payments by 200 percent — into heavy burdens.

The Observatory for Fiscal Policy, a civil society group, says Moreno will face a $9 billion shortfall in 2017 alone.

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