Stigning i vold vold mod kristne i Afrika

Det tyske, internationale medie Deutsche Welle har set nærmere på den foruroligende stigning i vold mod kristne i Afrika: 

"Africa is a continent where violence against Christians is exploding." That's how Cardinal Dieudonne Nzapalainga described the situation in an interview with DW. The killing of Christians has increased in recent weeks in countries around Africa, he said. These attacks have targeted priests at the altar, religious representatives and also ordinary believers.

Most of the attacks were against Catholics. In Nigeria, an Evangelical pastor was kidnapped with his daughter and parishioners.

"We are experiencing an increase in violence, not only in Africa, but across the world in the context of global political instability. And in some countries the people of God become the target," Nzapalainga said.

Og også muslimske imamer er truede:

Marco Mörschbacher, Africa consultant at the Catholic aid organization Missio in the German city of Aachen, also noted the danger that religious authorities face. Of course, he told DW, one would expect imams to clearly say to extremist Muslims: "What you are propagating is not Islam."

But imams would have to "reckon with concrete threats if they propagate something like this," Mörschbacher said, adding it could go as far as murder.

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