Selvtest; "Kan jeg være inficeret med Toxoplasma"

I tillæg til nedenstående vil obligatorisk nedstemning af disse Tg artikler også være et klart symptom.

"How can I self-assess if I have Toxoplasma gondii?:

A way to self-assess if you are affected by Toxoplasma - is to measure your ability to deal with the subject itself;

If you condemn it without investigation or experience medium to strong resentment to the idea of a brain-parasite, if your consciousness seeks to induces abrupt change in subject when Tg is discussed, or if you find it very difficult/fear-provoking to contemplate .....then you probably have Tg.

Your doctor can test you, the testing procedure is a simple blood sample and -analysis. In USA and most of Europe the infection-rate lies in the range of 20-25%. Age reflects probability of infection as a rule of thumb (i.e 20 y/o=20% probability, 50 y/o=50% probability).

Tg's possible behaviouristic symptoms as described in scientific litterature includes; reduction in novelty seeking (reduced Curiosity), proneness to dogma, aggressiveness, conformity, conscientiousness, jealousy, trust in authority, amplified anxieties/fear. Driven by emotion more than fact. Prone to buy into fear-based narratives (and -isms)."

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