Signal jammer military in America

Us: mod modifies EMS manufacturing's new war.

The mod will carry out cyber command and will carry new combat zones. The mod is revising the idea of using electromagnetic spectrum as a new field of war.

Kelly said that with the popularity of wireless devices, coupled technology has improved, and the risk of electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) and electronic warfare (EW) has increased. In addition, as the number of commercially available wireless devices in the market increases, the cost of electronic warfare technology is declining. "This allows the cost of each component to reach very low levels, namely signal interference systems or surveillance systems or fraud systems." GPS inhibitors

Realize the importance of EMS, because in their direct leader, and financing in specific areas of modern warfare, including sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) and radar for the United States tried to address its electronic warfare ability the core of the growing threat of strong interference, kelly said.

How to stop the unauthorized special places of gas stations, prisons and military bases? Maybe we can't take the general approach, you know it doesn't make sense. In prison, prisoners are banned from the phone and even asked to leave the phone. Therefore, officials must take strong measures to directly ban unauthorized calls. The remote control for the car jammer applies to these devices because it is the safest way to avoid calls. Wifi inhibitors

The most common problem with using cell phones in prison is: through E-mail, home visits to diapers and smuggling to prison inmates... There seems to be a lot of cell phone selection. The earth cannot change. Get a cell phone and plan a prisoner attack gang or coordinate external attacks. Cell phone jammer help prison guards maintain a safe internal environment.

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