Great Firewall of Europe on the internet

20 år med ytringsfrihed på Internettet er ved at være slut. Muren bliver genopført elektronisk af EU.

"You might have thought the internet had made it near enough impossible to turn national frontiers into information walls. But the EU clearly doesn’t think so. It increasingly wants to ramp up its own control over what its citizens are allowed to see, hear and say online." 

"...the enforcement of so-called upload filters in social media, preventing the publication of anything that might be copyrighted; and the EU Digital Services Act, which proposes the removal and regulation of whatever the EU deems to be hate speech."

European Court of Justice, "the ECJ essentially required Google to set up a European data firewall(...) Google then has to ‘prevent or, at the very least, seriously discourage an internet user conducting a search from one of the member states on the basis of a data subject’s name from gaining access, via the list of results displayed following that search, to the links which are the subject of that request’. In other words, Google must restrict EU citizens’ access to content available through Google outside the EU(…) the sight of the EU treating its citizens in the same way as the autocratic regimes of China or Iran treat theirs is extremely concerning."

Klip fra spiked 6th November 2019:

Two recent ECJ rulings have serious global consequences for internet freedom.

The EU: a menace to internet freedom

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